HBB Ventures Working

Diverse Investment Portfolio


HBB Ventures is a privately held venture fund that makes long term investments in high quality businesses.









Established in Brooklyn in 2014, Thislexik is an eclectic experiential design studio that custom engineers and produces high-end furniture s for bespoke environments.

Element Farms

Element Farms grows high quality spinach in controlled environment greenhouses in New Jersey. They harvest baby greens year-round, distributing it to restaurants and supermarkets within 24 hours of harvesting.  


INTO generates organic publicity and social media exposure for local brands and businesses by incentivizing its international community of 16,000+ high profile models, influencers, and celebrities to seek out, discover, and share content about new locations and experiences within their respective cities.

Mekan Studio

Mekan Studio, a NYC-based boutique interior design firm, stretches interiors “beyond interiors” through the aesthetic, functional, and technical solutions it provides to its diverse client base.

Put not your trust in money, but put your money in trust.
— Oliver Wendell Homes